As the Internet has gradually become more and more mainstream in more countries around the world, there have been many website portals that have popped into being offering BPO services. The sole purpose of these websites to connect individuals with specific skillsets, to other individuals (or companies) seeking those particular skillsets.

The benefits of short-term contractual engagement limit the risk that a company may face by having to hire someone locally.

This process, known as BPO or ‘Business Process Offshoring’ allows a company that is based in Australia, (for example) to hire a team of people that work for them operationally but with less overheads because resources in countries like the Philippines can be acquired at a cheaper hourly rate than local resources.

At LinkBPO, we have leveraged our decades of experience to create one of Australia’s best-resourced BPO companies. We can eliminate the risks associated with hiring someone offshore through such portals as our thorough vetting process ensures that only the very best make it onto our system as a potential candidate for hire.

In short, at Link BPO we can help eliminate your risk in hiring someone you have never met, so you can focus on putting your new resource(s) to work with confidence.

Prior to the Internet becoming much more commonplace globally, Business Process Offshoring was only truly utilized by large enterprise organisations. Satellite offices designed specifically for business process offshoring were setup and administrative tasks such as call centres were managed from such offices.

As Internet speeds have become more reliable and stable, even small business with a handful of people can leverage the cost-savings available to everything by hiring someone in the Philippines. Each year, more and more companies based in Australia are opting for a BPO solution to help them scale, or to just remove them from a particular process that they no longer wish to undertake.

As a BPO Company, the sorts of services we can offer Australian business are as diverse as the types of business themselves. We don’t discriminate on business size and can provide quality personnel for sole-traders, small business, medium sized business and even large enterprises.

The sorts of services that a company can outsource is continuously growing as cloud-based operations becomes more commonplace over onsite-servers. Quicken, MYOB and ‘new’ disruptive companies like Xero allow companies to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting with relative ease. Microsoft’s 365 cloud system offers access to their business suite of products and email on any device, in any environment with an adequate Internet connection and storage companies like Dropbox make file sharing safe and simple and highly efficient.

These are the sorts of services our candidates can provide for your company. Whilst other BPO companies can claim to offer the same, our combined experience means that we have done all the hard work for you in sourcing the best candidates based on specific roles that you can then leverage into your company to save you time and money, and more importantly, help your business grow.