Business Process Offshoring

Business Process Offshoring is not a new concept in business. Large telecommunications companies have been using such strategies to outsource their call centres during the last decade of the 20th century.

What has changed is the accessibility of such services to much smaller operations. The rise of smart devices, applications and stable Internet connectivity means that individuals located in countries like India or the Philippines can deliver these offshore solutions to Australian companies at the fraction of the cost.

If the right candidate is selected, trained and integrated into a business’ operations systems correctly this is a win-win or both parties. For the company, they have acquired a highly capable resource who can complete their offshoring tasks remotely and simply report on their progress to a business owner. These tasks can range from low-level such as booking appointments, checking emails and basic administrative tasks – right up to more complicated, critical tasks such as customer service and even bookkeeping. For the candidate, business offshoring allows them the freedom to work in their own home, on their own terms. This is a fantastic option for individuals with families, people who have to travel a long way to get to their job, or those who simply want to try something different and don’t have the means or accessibility to do so.

Another reason why business offshoring is such an attractive option for locals in countries like the Philippines is that their infrastructure is very disorganised and traffic can make what should be a 20-minute trip into the office upwards of 3-hours. By allowing a candidate to perform their offshoring tasks from their home, they are effectively – in some cases – gaining almost 5-6 hours back per day to spend with their families rather than on a hot crowded bus.

Where we are different as an Offshoring company is that all candidates are vetted by us prior to being offered as an offshore resource to any company. This minimizes the risks with hiring someone overseas whom you’ve never met and most likely never will.

Our candidates range in skills, experience and therefore price, but our vast pool of resources ensures that we have someone who can fit the needs of your organization no matter what the task type, frequency of task or level of skill. The types of services we offer range from basic administrative tasks – such as appointment setting – to answering emails or even a business phone number. More in-depth tasks such as accounts, bookkeeping, customer service or lead generation can also be delivered by our more experienced pool of offshoring resources.

These sorts of services are designed to give you back the time you need to grow your business. Doing this – with a reduction in overheads because of our model – means you are effectively minimizing your financial risk to your business, whilst devoting your energies to the areas of your business that you feel need the most attention.

Offshoring as a business solution will only continue to grow as business’ opt for a more ‘remote’ silo approach to business and move away from the large, expensive office environments.