Link Bpo Orange

At Link BPO we specialise in providing business with tailored solutions by facilitating access to offshore teams and resources in the Philippines.

Our pricing model is simple and transparent; that way you always know what it will cost. Designed to be affordable and predictable with a fixed service fee by month made up of the following:

  • Management Fee – fixed and monthly to cover allocated infrastructure and our operational costs to deliver services and to maintain our facilities.

  • Direct Labour Costs – a fully loaded per resource cost with no added mark-up. We are committed to being fully transparent in this regard as you ultimately make the choice of who you want to work within your team and how much they are paid.

  • Ancillary Costs – in-month expenses and purchases. These are agreed in advance and billed at cost. We are flexible in the manner that you decide to run your team and will facilitate needs as far as practical.

  • Monthly Fee Rate – this is billed monthly. We consider this number to be ‘your investment’.

Position Offshore
Direct Labour Cost
AU Salary
Annual Savings
Savings %
Accountant $14,000 $85,000 $71,000 84%
Book Keeper $9,400 $65,000 $55,600 86%
Data Entry $6,420 $40,000 $33,760 84%
Graphic Design $10,800 $65,000 $54,200 83%
Virtual Assistant $10,800 $50,000 $39,200 78%
Customer Service $6,420 $45,000 $38,760 86%


Link Bpo Orange

At Link BPO we are experts at delivering integrated solutions to outsourced tasks. Perfect for short term and ad hoc assignments on an as required basis. Our infrastructure, resources and talent pool provides dedicated teams to deliver any process driven task.

If you are looking to get something done urgently and do not have immediate access to resources, or if you are just looking to trail offshoring as an addition to your existing business processes, this option offers the perfect solution and testing ground to see how well we can deliver exceptional results.

Our pricing model includes a pass-through labour cost reflected by the skill required to deliver the task plus our margin to facilitate the service made up of the following:

  • Set Up Fee – to cover system development, training and infrastructure costs to deliver services as required.

  • Hourly Charge Rate – per resource cost by hour used. We are committed to being fully transparent in this regard as you ultimately build the tasks list and we manage delivery through to completion.

  • Monthly Fee Rate – this is billed monthly and completely based on usage.

Process Task Type Outsource
Hourly Charge Rate
AU Equivalent
Hourly Savings
Savings %
Accounting $21.88 $55.00 $33.13 60%
Book Keeping $14.69 $40.00 $25.31 63%
Data Entry $9.75 $24.00 $14.25 59%
Graphic Design $16.88 $40.00 $23.13 58%
Virtual Assistant $16.88 $35.00 $18.13 52%
Customer Service $9.75 $26.00 $16.25 63%


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