Link Bpo Orange

Project Planning

At Link BPO, the success of our services relies on great planning and understanding our clients’ business. We get to know our clients then work closely to document processes and training manuals that we then rely on to deliver the solution.

Our transition plan is completely tailored to successfully integrate your offshore team into your current operations.

Recruitment and Training

Our service includes finding the best people for your team. We have in-house organisational psychologist who works with our recruitment teams to ensure that our screening processes are thorough.

This process includes full behavioural profile testing prior to short listing. We are also able to provide full skill testing and tailor these to the specific roles. We then work with our clients to decipher the information gathered on each prospective team member.

Once a team member is allocated, we then work with our clients to administer induction, training and on-going support.

Infrastructure and Implementation

Our service includes fully equipped office space with state of the art access to high capacity internet and voice technology. We are also able to facilitate special technical and hardware requirements.

We have a well-established management team with expertise in all facets of employment, human resource management, operations, information technology and client experience.

Once you engage our services, you will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager to facilitate implementation of all aspects of the service. Our client experience manager will always endeavour to remain in communication and be available as a quick key contact point.

Understanding our Respective Cultures

We understand the offshoring process and are immersed in the culture of your Filipino employees. As your offshore solutions partner, we’re invested in ensuring your strategy is successful.

We are mindful of culture, so also provide full cross cultural training to your team about Australian and New Zealand cultures, whilst we always encourage our clients to engage our team to learn more about their team’s local culture.

On-going Delivery and Reporting

We deliver our service by providing clients with direct command of their offshore team and operations at all times. Our management team is locally based in Australia and New Zealand, whilst our operational management team in the Philippines specialise in working directly with our clients.

Our service includes on-going support of your team, and we measure performance by tailored reporting that measures all facets of your offshore operations in much the same manner as if the team was operating within your local operations.


Communication is key, so to get the ball rolling, contact us today to discuss how we can help.